Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blossoms and Weaves

As the Final project starts to take shape, I've started to construct a collection of fabric samples, from looking at my drawing and painting work along with my photography work.

Blossom Trees from around Chorlton.....

Blossom Paintings, ink and water colours.

Colour Pallet

I've kept the structure basic, using twills and honeycombs, but adding a lot of hand stitching into the weave itself, it is more time consuming but I love the over all result!
Weft Yarns
Cotton and Wool 

Hand Dyed Silk 

Sample 1. Cotton and silk. Honeycomb.

Hand Dyed Ripped Silk, used in my weft. Honeycomb Structure with Hand stitched threads running through it to create a lace effect. 

Embroidery and hand-stitch... 

Embroidery threads that I have used for my hand stitching and embroidery (French Knots)

Sample 2. Cotton, embroidery threads. Twill.

Sample 3. Cotton, Embroidery threads (French Knots) . Twill and Plain weave.

Sample 4. Cotton, Embroidery threads. Twill.

Ripped Flowers....

Sample 5. Cotton yarn and Ripped fabric.

These samples I've woven with cotton and ripped strips of floral patterned fabric to create this random bits of colour I love the hand-made, twee look of it and this method I will be carrying on through into my other samples.

Sample 6. Silk and Cotton 

This sample I have used my hand-dyed silk, I've pulled the silk up to create the bobble effect, I wanted it to have a blossom feel, not sure if it works?

The next move......
Is to have a wool warp instead of cotton, Dip dye some of my own yarns, source floral patterned fabric to use in my weft and to continue using embroidery and hand-stitching into the fabric. Thinking about a concept in which it can be used for.  

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Colour pallet - Blossoms

This is my colour pallet for my next (and final) project. I am directing my products and designs towards the family/child consumer. Currently it is aimed towards girls, however I would like to make a range for boys too, maybe have a unisex pallet also?....

A lot of my colours have come from Spring Blossom Trees... I really Love this lime green colour and how it sits really well with the turquoise blue and pink, but toning these bright's with more subtle colours like light creams, blues, greens, pinks and browns....     

 Petal Bath....!

I also really like these photographs done by - The pictures are from Numero 94 - june/july 2008 and the photographers are Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. This editorial is called “Agua Caliente”.
They are lovely and a delicateness which is something that I find truly inspirational and beautiful.....!

This one is my favourite.... beautiful...

My Own Blossom Work and Sketch books.... :)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Colour Pink on the Forest Floor

Throughout this week I have debating in which way to take my colour scheme. I've been drawing from nature looking at plants, seeds, bits of old wood and I've found a good source of on flowing resources to use from looking at the undergrowth and woodland floor, whats been cast off by trees and etc. Peeling back the layers to reveal not just leaves, but insects, mushrooms, moss plenty of things that I can make visual drawings from.
However I found it all to be a bit to brown and I wanted my textiles to stay away from been to dull and muddy, so I've chosen to look at a completely different direction for sourcing my colour pallet, I want a light and almost vintage tonal look to my colours, I found that "shabby chic" crockery and bright spring time blossom as a perfect colour reference and it will be interesting to see how I can combine woodland decay with such fresh gentle tones.

From these images I will do several colour stripes, then work that colour into my drawing work and see how it turns out, it may go horrible wrong, but this unit is all about been exspiremental and making my own stamp on my work.

Think of those colours from the images above been used in images of frogs and mushrooms, its almost sycidelic!

 Leaf Study... Charcoal Pencil.....

 Conker Study..... Water colours and Ink.....

 Wood Study.... Water colours and Ink.....

This is a colour pallet that I was working with before looking at nature to get my inspirations, I love the colour, however I felt that I need it to be lightened up more as I want to keep my actul textiles nutral and work into them.

Colour Stripes from Branch of Birds....

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Attempting to be a good student


 This is my first attempt in been a model student and making the effort to get myself out there! Just a small intro, I'm in my final year at MMU studying textiles to try and get a good well payed job and to have a long and happy life out of it!
So this is going to be a personal journal if you like to my final year at uni, with my thoughts and development throughout the year, so fingers crossed it doesn't suck!
Well three weeks in and I am all ready behind motivation why have you not come to call however, I did spend a lovely autumn afternoon taking photographs for my current project.

Drawing Project
For this final year I have to do a drawing project which will take me all the way through to next year so I had to choose a theme that wasn't too limiting and which I could get alot of work out of, so of course I chose "nature" a easy subject matter which I can develop alot from.
I want to look at textures and layers within nature and collage and paint them, I'm currently looking at seed heads and doing detailed but fluid paintings from as well as having a trip to my local park (Longford Park in Chorlton) and taking close up photographs of just general nature and seeing where that gets me as well as collecting bits and pieces to do observational studies from.
This is just a starting point to this project and I hope to develop into something a bit more in depth than just nature, I'm going to be experimental and adventures with my methods of drawing and hope to link this project smoothly with my current textiles project.

Longford Park -Nature Photographs