Thursday, 7 October 2010

Attempting to be a good student


 This is my first attempt in been a model student and making the effort to get myself out there! Just a small intro, I'm in my final year at MMU studying textiles to try and get a good well payed job and to have a long and happy life out of it!
So this is going to be a personal journal if you like to my final year at uni, with my thoughts and development throughout the year, so fingers crossed it doesn't suck!
Well three weeks in and I am all ready behind motivation why have you not come to call however, I did spend a lovely autumn afternoon taking photographs for my current project.

Drawing Project
For this final year I have to do a drawing project which will take me all the way through to next year so I had to choose a theme that wasn't too limiting and which I could get alot of work out of, so of course I chose "nature" a easy subject matter which I can develop alot from.
I want to look at textures and layers within nature and collage and paint them, I'm currently looking at seed heads and doing detailed but fluid paintings from as well as having a trip to my local park (Longford Park in Chorlton) and taking close up photographs of just general nature and seeing where that gets me as well as collecting bits and pieces to do observational studies from.
This is just a starting point to this project and I hope to develop into something a bit more in depth than just nature, I'm going to be experimental and adventures with my methods of drawing and hope to link this project smoothly with my current textiles project.

Longford Park -Nature Photographs

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