Thursday, 17 February 2011

Colour pallet - Blossoms

This is my colour pallet for my next (and final) project. I am directing my products and designs towards the family/child consumer. Currently it is aimed towards girls, however I would like to make a range for boys too, maybe have a unisex pallet also?....

A lot of my colours have come from Spring Blossom Trees... I really Love this lime green colour and how it sits really well with the turquoise blue and pink, but toning these bright's with more subtle colours like light creams, blues, greens, pinks and browns....     

 Petal Bath....!

I also really like these photographs done by - The pictures are from Numero 94 - june/july 2008 and the photographers are Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. This editorial is called “Agua Caliente”.
They are lovely and a delicateness which is something that I find truly inspirational and beautiful.....!

This one is my favourite.... beautiful...

My Own Blossom Work and Sketch books.... :)

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